Farmington Hills council member asks for deer info meetings

If you’re a Farmington Hills resident with a garden, this video may look familiar:

Check any Farmington Hills neighborhood social media group, and you’ll find complaints about deer. They’re nothing new; the city surveyed residents about four years ago, with 47 percent saying they enjoyed having deer around and 37 percent worried about the problems they cause.

In 2017, officials enacted a ban on feeding deer. Unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped them from helping themselves to hostas, flowers, vegetables, and other foliage.

On Monday, city council member Valerie Knol asked her colleagues to reopen the subject. As pandemic restrictions ease, she said, officials could hold a meeting with someone from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) at The Hawk community center, which will open June 7.

“I think the most important thing we have to start with is education, education for the council and for the community,” she said.

Mayor Vicki Barnett suggested starting with a council study session this summer, also with a DNR representative to explain management options.

“They are dangerous; they’re beautiful, majestic animals as well,” she said. “Certainly nobody wants to harm an animal, but we don’t want to be harmed by them as well.”

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