Farmington Hills city clerk thanks voters for Election Day patience

Farmington Hills City Clerk Pam Smith on Wednesday said while ballots were in short supply for Tuesday’s primary election, respect for precinct workers was not.

More than a third of registered Farmington Hills voters showed up at the polls; precincts 7, 9, 12-15, and 15 were near or over 40 percent. Oakland County’s elections archives show a 17.76 percent turnout for the 2016 August primary.

A social media post on the City of Farmington Hills Facebook page explained that a higher-than-expected turnout on August 7 resulted in a city-wide shortage of ballots. Oakland County experienced a record turnout, and precincts in other cities also ran out of ballots.

While city and county clerks implemented contingency plans, the county-wide turnout made printing and delivering enough ballots difficult, according to the post. And while some residents expressed Election Day frustration on social media, Smith said that many precinct chairpersons said voters were understanding and treated precinct workers with respect.

“Clerks always encourage our residents to get out and vote – and they sure did,” she said. “Our voters care about the election process and wanted their voices to be heard.”


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