Farmington Hills 6-year-old raises funds to fight MS

Amelia Nordhaus is a little too young to sign up for the annual Mid-Michigan Bike MS ride, but that hasn’t stopped the Farmington Hills 6-year-old from helping the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS).

Amelia's Little Bike-A-Thon
The 2nd Annual Amelia’s Little Bike-a-Thon for Multiple Sclerosis will be held May 6 at Kenbrook Elementary School. That’s Amelia in the blue t-shirt (center) and her mom, Tonya, standing on the right. (contributed)

Amelia and her friends will ride on Sunday, May 6, 4 p.m., in Amelia’s Little Bike-a-Thon for Multiple Sclerosis, held at Kenbrook Elementary School, 32130 Bonnet Hill Rd in Farmington Hills. The event is geared toward children ages 9 and younger. Some may ride on scooters, some may be pushed by an adult, others will ride tricycles or “big kid” bikes. But they all are working together to put an end to MS.

In 2017, between her Bike-a-Thon and Lemonade Stand, Amelia raised over $1,600, the 75th highest fundraiser for the NMSS in Michigan.

Amelia wanted to do something for her mother, Tanya Nordhaus, and people like Tanya who suffer from MS. Every year, her mom, dad, and grandpa do the Mid-Michigan Bike MS ride, which Amelia has attended since she was two weeks old.

“My mommy has multiple elerosis, and I’m trying to have a bike ride to stop multiple elerosis,” Amelia said of her event. (She can’t pronounce sclerosis quite yet.)

In addition to organizing the Bike-A-Thon, Amelia has designed a team t-shirt and planned an awards ceremony. Awards will go to the Most Orange Spirit, the Highest Fundraising child, the Best Decorated Bike, Happiest Smile, and more.

Amelia firmly believes “the more the merrier,” as her mom always says when it comes to social events. She welcomes any child (9 and under) who wants to help create a world free of MS or just wants to do something good for others.

For more information about the event, for pledge sheets and waivers, and to RSVP, contact Tanya Nordhaus, at Learn more on the event Facebook page. You can also contribute to Amelia’s fundraising events at


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