Farmington High senior video captures memories

Farmington High seniors may have left the building, but they’re still making senior memories.

Since Governor Gretchen Whitmer ended the school year in March to slow the spread of COVID-19, all K-12 students have faced a new reality – one that hit seniors particularly hard. While adjusting to online classes and the loss of so many special moments, the FHS student council started looking for ways to commemorate the class of 2020.

Farmington High Class of 2020
Farmington High’s Class of 2020 gathered for a photo at sunrise to start the school year. Once the quarantine ends, they hope to gather for another photo at sunset. (Contributed)

Senior Lexie Bandy, student council treasurer, said inspiration struck when they found a Farmington High Class of 1994 video posted on

“It seemed like our class would like something like that,” said Bandy, who is also a member of the Falcon golf team and a Link Leader. “We made a flyer and posted it on our socials and sent it out to parents asking for any pictures or videos from the last year.”

Over about two weeks, council members received more than 400 photos and 150 video clips. They talked about the project during Google Meet sessions with their advisors.

”Everyone worked to get the pictures together,” Bandy said. “It was really a lot of teamwork.”

Lexie Bandy Rana Aabed Bilyana Georgieb
From left, Lexie Bandy, Rana Aabed, and Bilyana, Georgieb worked together on the Class of 2020 senior video. (Contributed)

Once the files had been collected, Bandy began creating the video. The project took three full days of work, with help from classmates Bilyana Georgieb and Rana Aabed.

”Bilyana and Rana FaceTimed a lot,” Bandy said. “They helped organize what went first. Rana sent out a questionnaire to the Student Council asking what songs they thought would be good, and we picked three that best represent our class.”

Though it took a lot of effort, Bandy said she enjoyed the project, which represents more than 400 FHS seniors. This year’s class also included seniors from Harrison High, which closed in June of 2019.

”I knew how much joy it would get with students and parents, especially with Harrison closing. We kind of became more of a team this year,” Bandy said. “It made me happy to do it.”

Bandy is also part of a district-wide group formed to help the Class of 2020 “feel like we have some closure.” She and her classmates are working on a response to the “We Miss You” video posted by teachers and staff.

While seniors may look forward to the fall, they don’t have any idea how fall might look. Bandy said she plans to attend Schoolcraft College in Livonia, then complete her degree in Environmental Science at Wayne State University.

“I think we’re all just trying to stay hopeful,” Bandy said. “We’re just, as a class, taking it day by day.”

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