Farmington High class uncovers marketing secrets

Students in a Farmington High School (FHS) marketing class recently experimented with some tricks often used by companies that market food products.

Farmington High marketing class
A Farmington High marketing student pours engine oil on a stack of pancakes to prepare them for a great shot. (Farmington Public Schools)

Nina Merget’s students have tried to make products look better in real life with products not meant to be mixed with foods. They learned that engine oil makes wonderful syrup for pancakes,  exchanged jello and glue for milk in a cereal bowl, used shaving cream mixed with food coloring as frosting, and created a bowl of ice cream from powdered potato flakes.

Farmington High marketing student
A Farmington High marketing student uses a light box to take product photos. (Farmington Public Schools)

In order to capture the perfect shot, students also experimented with lighting and used a light box for most of their photos.

To promote their products, students received $5,000 each week in fake money to create social media posts. They chose platforms, dates and times, and then analyzed the metrics to determine how to create the best result.

Farmington High marketing students
Two Farmington High marketing students perfect a colored frosting using shaving cream and food coloring. (Farmington Public Schools)

“I thought it was interesting how marketers use such obscure objects to make their food more appetizing,” sophomore Rece Linn said.

“My students thoroughly enjoyed this activity,” Merget said in a press release. “Students are always amazed at how food companies alter their products to enhance their promotional images.”

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