Farmington council makes some arts moves

Maria Taylor
Maria Taylor (City of Farmington)

After re-appointing two Farmington Area Arts Commission (FAAC) members, Farmington city officials on Monday also added one of their own to the group.

With 10 Farmington Hills and three Farmington members (including alternates), the Commission supports the arts in both cities. Among other activities, FAAC sponsors the annual Artist in Residence and High School Student Art awards.

Maria Taylor David Delind Johnna Balk Farmington City Council

Farmington representatives Susan Warner and Cheryl Blau will both continue to serve, but in reversed positions. Blau will become a full member and Warner, an alternate.

”It’s a wonderful body,” Warner said, “and it’s filled with the most wonderful, creative people you could ever listen to.”

The discussion included bringing more art to Farmington City Hall. Council member Steven Schneemann said a smaller sculpture that is part of the David Barr collection on loan from the City of Novi is currently stored with the Department of Public Works, but might fit in the building.

Warner also pointed out that the Commission had a long-time Farmington Hills city council liaison in former council member Randy Bruce, but none from Farmington. Mayor Sara Bowman noted she had spoken to council member Maria Taylor, who agreed to take on those duties.

In addition to attending meetings, Taylor will keep her council colleagues apprised of FAAC activities.

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