Farmington Civic mural artist ‘excited to get started’

Plymouth artist Adrienne Pickett has always kept her eyes open for opportunities to create murals.

Earlier this year, she answered the Farmington Downtown Development Authority (DDA) Call for Artists to create one celebrating the 80th anniversary of the Farmington Civic Theater. Her application was chosen from among a dozen entries.

If the weather holds, Pickett will soon start bringing her vision to life on the downtown Farmington building’s northeast wall.

Farmington Civic Mural
Adrienne Pickett’s mural depicts iconic movie actors against a textured background. (Farmington Downtown Development Authority)

”The Civic Theater is an amazing building with a long history,” Pickett said. “I like the challenge, the scale. I like that it’s public art. Anyone can see it, any time.”

There’s also an element of impermanence, Pickett said. “It’s not going to be in a museum. Eventually, it’ll disappear.”

The design itself is intended to evoke a sense of history, with actors who graced the big screen 80 years ago. Pickett said the texture in the background re-creates the old-time movie experience, with whirring projectors and reels of film.

Pickett will have help from two friends and some volunteers. Her first task is to paint a base color across the entire wall, setting up a “blank canvas”.

“I’m really excited to get started,” Pickett said. “It’s a privilege and an honor to be selected… I can’t wait to be part of history.”

The mural is part of the DDA’s Public Art Program; other works include a mural created by John Martin, which is hanging on the north side of the CVS building on Farmington Road, a David Barr sculptures displayed at Riley Park, on loan from the City of Novi.

During a September 3 City Council meeting, DDA Director Kate Knight said a community event and time-lapse video of the work are planned to highlight the mural.

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