Farmington area voting: Registration, absent ballots, and more

Local residents will on August 4 choose candidates to represent their political party on the November 3 General Election ballot.

Here’s some information to help you prepare to vote:

Voter registration

The last day to register to vote other than in-person at your local Clerk’s Office is Monday, July 20. From July 21 through August 4 at 8 p.m. (when the polls close), you can register at your local City Clerk’s office.

The Michigan Secretary of State website has step-by-step directions for voter registration:,4670,7-127-1633_8716_8726_47669—,00.html.

You can request an absent voter ballot when you register to vote. If you’re registering on the Monday before the election, your AV ballot must be filled out and submitted at the Clerk’s office. If you register on Election Day, you can either vote an absent ballot at the Clerk’s office, or vote in your designated polling place.

Absent Voter Ballots

Anyone in Michigan can vote an absent voter ballot for any reason. Farmington voters can download an application here:; Farmington Hills voters, here:

You may request an application to vote absentee by mail through 5 p.m. on Friday, July 31, or pick up an application in person until Monday, August 3, 4 p.m. When you go to the Clerk’s office, bring your photo identification. You may also complete an affidavit that you do not have your photo ID.

When voting your ballot, remember this is a partisan primary – you vote for candidates in only one party. Voting in more than one party spoils your ballot. 

If you register in person at your Clerk’s office on Election Day, you can receive and vote an absent voter ballot, or vote in your precinct, until the polls close at 8 p.m. You can still vote at the polls on Election Day, so long as you have not returned your absent voter ballot.

While you can mail in your ballot, remember two things: It requires more than one stamp, and the post office has reported COVID-related delays in delivering local mail.

Farmington Hills residents may use drop boxes for election-related materials at the Farmington Hills Police Department and on the south wall at City Hall (municipal campus, southwest corner of 11 Mile and Orchard Lake Roads). Farmington residents may use the drop box at the circle drive on the west side of City Hall (23600 Liberty Street).

Do your homework

With the COVID-19 pandemic, candidates may not be campaigning door-to-door as much as in previous years. Here’s where you can learn more about them:





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