Farmington area parents share more remote learning tips

As Farmington Public Schools families finished up their second week of distance learning, we asked our Facebook fans to share their best advice for keeping kids on track.

Here’s what’s working for them:

Jon Aldred for Farmington Hills City Council

Amy Hoffman Hamilton I set alarms for 5 minutes before any virtual meetup.

Kristie Drake Neathamer Keeping a standard school schedule. Up, dressed, breakfast before school starts.

Samantha Lou Setting reminders through the Echo dot for live meets. Alexa reminds us, plus we get pop ups on our phones, too.

Morgan Drossos Waking up early enough to drink coffee in silence before the fun begins.

Tonya Ratliff Leckenby Definitely setting 

Larry Romine We’re trying to get in a 30+ minute walk outside before classes start – at least when the weather permits.

Brandi BPosh Sticking to a consistent schedule. Also having their learning space outside of their room is awesome.

Carrie Reilly I try to keep my kids on a schedule. I get up 30 minutes before I have to and get both kids computers ready. (I know….I’m doing too much). I’m just trying to be supportive. 🙂

Learning CubbyAshleigh Elizabeth I just bought this remote learning cubby (20$!!) and it has all these learning references, gives privacy to focus and folds completely flat to store easily! Life. Saver.

Jessica Menzel Print out the school schedule for the week and put it up on the wall by my son’s desk. We cross things off as we complete them during the day.

Emily Karlichek Timers/alarms so we don’t miss meets! Using breaks as intended – eat a snack during snack, go outside for recess, etc. Start the day like we are leaving the house – eat a solid breakfast, brush teeth, get dressed, be ready! Talking through what is frustrating and hard, finding solutions together. Giving and asking for grace and understanding – kiddos, parents and teachers alike. Trying to stay positive, and talk about the highs and lows of every day. Making the most of our weekends. Stay strong everyone! 🖤

Melissa Williams Having a dedicated desk seems to really be helping us. Alarms for all the meets. Finally printing the Clever badge so we’re not searching for it. It’s honestly going pretty smoothly so far 🤞

Kim Miesner Engelhardt Believing in the teachers and being there to support them and my kids.

Silvia Cigorean Having a timer for all their breaks and back to class time. As mentioned, waking on on time, getting dressed and having breakfast then “heading” to the desk for class to keep the routine predictable helps. Listening to first graders nonsense on google meet also helps: “my dog pooped” “oh ya? My mom made cookies” Hand raised for 15 minutes to tell their teacher that they are sitting on……wait for it….a chair 🤣 I’m guessing taking as much breaks as possible away from the screen is a good strategy especially for your younger kiddos

This post’s most liked comment came from Adam Thayer: “We’re doing what I’ve always assumed teachers do in the teachers lounge – smoking and drinking between classes. And now I understand why.” 

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