Farmington area neighbors pitch in after ‘microburst’ storm

Over the past several days, we’ve seen many acts of kindness as neighbors helped neighbors clean up after Wednesday’s devastating storms.

Meteorologist Derek Kevra of WJBK-TV says the Farmington area likely experienced a microburst. The phenomenon comes with straight-line winds of up to 100 miles per hour, which he said would explain the scattered pockets of heavy damage.

As of Friday afternoon, well over 10,000 Farmington area residents were still without power. But they had plenty of community spirit and compassion.

We asked readers to share their experiences:

Jessica Erickson: There was a City of Clawson truck chipping large limbs off curbs on my street. They took everything! Big branches and the small piles. They even raked up when they were done!

Stacie Lum: David Czarnecki jumped right in to clear our neighbor’s tree that was blocking Leelane. More neighbors soon followed. Made quick work of it… we’re very grateful!

David Czarnecki Farmington storm cleanup
David Czarnecki clears a tree that blocked Leelane. (Stacie Lum)
Farmington neighbors help with cleanup Leelane
Neighbors on Leelane pitch in to clean up storm debris. (Stacie Lum)

Linda Donovan: Every storm that we have had that we have lost our power, our neighbors the Felonis have always told us we could hook up to their generator so our sump pump could continue to run and our refrigerator so our food wouldn’t spoil!!! Now that’s being a wonderful friend and neighbor!

Jessica Aleardi: Our neighbor is one of fewer than 10 people in our subdivision that is lucky enough to have power. She let us run extension cords for our sump pump to her garage until we were able to get a generator! She’s lived here for over 40 years and said this was the worst storm she’s ever seen! Our poor subdivision got absolutely slammed!

Sandy MacNiven Warren: My neighbor, Bob England, brought out his chainsaw and started helping neighbors clear the branches in their yards. My house included. One of the neighbors are out of town and he helped cleaned up their yard completely. They are the best neighbors!!!

Cathi Waun: Brian Cafmeyer has been helping neighbors on Moore. He was using his blower to clear the streets and sidewalks yesterday, and today he was out there again on his tracker picking up and moving larger limbs.

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