Farmington Area Jaycees will bring an egg hunt to you

While their signature Spring Egg Hunt won’t happen this year, the Farmington Area Jaycees have found a way to create some spring fun.

The “Egg My Yard” project is open to anyone in Farmington and Farmington Hills. Sign up, and club members will hide candy-filled, plastic eggs around your lawn after dusk on Saturday, April 3.

The COVID-safe idea came from clubs in Lansing and Saginaw, organizer Jaymi Dormaier said.

Adults can sign up to have 50, 75, 100, or 200 eggs delivered; costs range from $40 to $100. The Jaycees can accommodate food allergies and will still deliver in the rain.

“We weren’t able to do a lot last year,” Dormaier said. “We’re really trying hard to find ways to stay connected and give everyone something to smile about.”

To learn more and sign up by March 28, visit

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