#F2HMaskUp supports Farmington area efforts to curb COVID

Joni Hubred
Joni Hubred, Farmington Voice publisher

Just a few weeks ago, the number of Farmington area COVID-19 infections, as reported through a map published by Oakland County, seemed headed in the right direction.

Each of the community’s four major ZIP codes recorded a handful of cases diagnosed over the previous month – around 30 altogether. As of July 15, the map shows 87 local cases, and that’s why Farmington Voice has launched a project designed to encourage adherence to Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s “Mask Up, Michigan” Executive Order.

Under the new rule, Michiganders are required to wear a face covering while indoors or outdoors in a large crowd. Businesses open to the public must refuse entry or service to anyone who won’t wear a face covering. Exceptions include children under age 5, anyone who can’t medically tolerate a mask, and temporary removal for eating and drinking at a restaurant, public speaking, receiving personal services, officiating at a religious service, and when communicating with someone who is deaf or hard of hearing.

How to participate

The F2H Mask Up Project will feature photos of local residents in their favorite COVID-19 face covering – whether plain or fancy. Whether you text to 248-568-0581, email to joni@farmingtonvoice.com, or post with the #f2hmaskup tag on social media, you’ll be entered into weekly drawings for gift cards from local businesses and Farmington Voice swag*.

We’ll also be sharing social media posts that show local businesses following the state directive.

The F2H Mask Up Project starts today on our website, in our daily emails, and across our social media channels. You’ll see some familiar faces as our community leaders show off their favorite facial coverings!

Here’s how to:


Weekly drawings are open to any current resident of Farmington and Farmington Hills, Michigan, who submits an entry as described below. Proof of residency may be required. Drawings begin Wednesday, July 22, and continue for the duration of the project (date uncertain). To enter, submit a photo of yourself wearing a facial covering to joni@farmingtonvoice.com, to 248-568-0581, or by using the #f2hmaskup hashtag on Facebook or Instagram. In order for your entry to qualify, masks must be worn properly, and may not promote hatred or racism, or contain foul language or inappropriate images (as determined by the publisher). You will receive one entry for all weekly drawings with each photo submitted via email, text, or social media hashtag. There is no need to submit a separate entry each week; however, if you wish to submit separate photos using different masks, each will be considered a separate entry. 

We will attempt to acknowledge each entry with a return text, return email, or comment on social media, but you are responsible for ensuring your entry is received. Please write to joni@farmingtonvoice.com if you do not receive a timely acknowledgment of your submission. 

By submitting your photo, you consent to have the photo used as part of the F2H Mask Up project, which includes publication at farmingtonvoice.com, in Farmington Voice emails, and on Farmington Voice social media channels, and you grant Farmington Voice/Collinwood Media LLC the right to use the photo for the F2H Mask Up Project without compensation.

F2H Mask Up Project Terms & Conditions

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