F2H Votes: Mary Newlin, Farmington Hills city council

Farmington Voice sent questionnaires to five Farmington city council and four Farmington Hills city council candidates. Responses are being published in the order they were received. Read all of our election coverage here: farmingtonvoice.com/tag/elections

Mary Ellen Newlin
Mary Newlin

Mary Newlin

Jon Aldred for Farmington Hills City Council

Age: 55

Community involvement: 30 year resident, raised my three children through the Farmington Public Schools, Volunteer at the American Legion Post in Farmington, Member of the Warner Mansion Warnerettes.

I understand a community needs to have a voice and have a city council member that will represent the residents. I am proud to say this is my first public office candidacy.

What best qualifies you to serve on Farmington Hills city council? 

As a registered nurse for 30 years, I have lead many work teams and have been in various leadership and management roles. I empowered my teams to achieve goals, overcome obstacles, and work together. And a community is just that- a team working toward a common goal.

Describe your vision for the future of Farmington Hills looking 10 years ahead. 

You should feel at home in your city, so I want to ensure a strong community that is welcoming to all. I envision our city as dynamic, innovative, welcoming, and always looking 10 years ahead. I believe the city needs to continue to provide quality services, effective public safety, and continue to evaluate the needs of the community. When elected I can help the city continuously evolve and meet the changing demands and needs of the residents.

What is the city’s most critical challenge today and how should the community address it?

A critical challenge is the infrastructure of the city, and how to pay for repairs or replacement with a changing tax base while not placing a burden on the community. We must transition from the practice of Special Assessments to a process that will ensure long term funding for the roads. My plan is for a progressive millage for all taxable property with adjustments to existing or recently completed assessments to offset the cost of the millage. The adjustments would involve a decrease in the interest rate or a decrease in the number of payments. Additionally, I want to develop a process to allow those in existing assessments to be reviewed so that the full value of the assessment was actualized by the homeowner.

What do/will you do on a personal level to engage residents in city government and ensure
that you’re hearing from a broad cross-section of the community? 

I am walking door to door hand delivering my campaign information in every voting district. Former Mayor Aldo Vagnozzi regularly knocked on doors to meet the city’s residents, and he inspired me to do the same. The best way to understand a community is by meeting residents on their doorstep and discussing their concerns with them face-to-face. When elected I would like to form citizen groups from all districts in the city that will have the opportunity to meet with the mayor and council on a regular basis. I may be reached at yourvoicemarynewlin@gmail.com or find my Facebook page – Mary Newlin for Farmington Hills City Council 2017. Your concerns will become my focus as a candidate, and future elected city council member.

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