F2H Votes: Mary Newlin, Farmington Hills City Council

Our F2H Votes series brings you candidate interviews and information about the 2019 local elections in Farmington and Farmington Hills. Follow local election news on social media with the #F2HVotes19 hashtag.

Farmington Hills city council candidates include: Jackie Boleware, T. R. Carr, Danette Duron-Willner , Kenneth D. Massey , Mary Newlin, and Theresa Rich (incumbent). 

Mary Ellen Newlin
Mary Ellen Newlin (Contributed)

Mary Newlin, 57, is a Registered Nurse-Nurse Team Manager for a Fortune 500 ranked national healthcare company. She has been a Farmington Hills resident for 32 years.


Volunteer, American legion post in Farmington; Member, Warnerette Drill Team.

Why did you decide to run for a seat on council?

Ran for council two years ago decided to try again. The council needs a resident that has a vision to continue the ongoing growth and what would make the community sustainable for the future.

What unique strengths will you bring to the table?

Regular attendance at study sessions and council meetings has provided knowledge of the functioning of the council. A strong team leader who inspires and empowers. A belief in transparency. A belief in representation of all residents makes a strong community. Acknowledging how diversity makes a strong community. A belief in involvement of the resident.

What one issue do you plan to address first if you win a seat in November?

Formation of a resident group to work collaboratively with council so the needs of the community for future growth can be developed to address housing, schools, services, and safety for our changing and diversified community.

The city has taken on a significant project in the renovation of Harrison High School as a community center. Do you have any concerns about the project? What role do you see council members playing as construction begins?

Monitoring bids so the project is cost effective and renovations are value added.

Farmington Hills officials often hear from concerned residents when major projects (like the new office building at 12 Mile & Drake Roads) affect surrounding neighborhoods. How will you respond to those concerns and ensure that residents feel heard and represented in the process?

Residents must be involved at the beginning of all projects so that their concerns are heard by developers. Small changes in a plan can be addressed and can make the difference to the surrounding community facing changes.

What role you believe the arts play in building a stronger and more resilient community, and how will you support the arts as a council member?

Arts are an expression of unspoken thoughts through physical art, performance, written word and music. The arts are vital to physical and emotional well-being, and further development of programs and projects are needed through the schools and services for all residents.

Both cities are looking at whether it makes sense to create a municipal broadband system. What’s your take on this idea?

There has to be opt in and opt out options based on the cost.

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