F2H Votes: Farmington school board candidate Mable Fox

Mable Fox
Mable Fox (Facebook.com)

For 30 years, Farmington Hills resident and educator Mable Fox has shared with teachers, publishers, and tech companies her vision of an instructional model that puts students first.

On November 3, she hopes voters give her a chance to bring it to the Farmington Public Schools Board of Education.

Fox is running for one of two, six-year terms on the board, along with Cheryl Blau, David Ehrlich, Steven Goldberg, Janet L. Ravitz Meir, Richard Mukamal, and Frank Raines III. Kevin J. Hammer, Claudia Heinrich, and Donald Walker will vie for one two-year term.

“I am insightful problem solver,” said Fox, who is the adoptive mother of two sons and a daughter. “I have given students, parents, and teachers guidance and tools to achieve their goals.”

Fox became involved in politics at an early age, as a precinct delegate and student intern to Irma Henderson, the first African-American woman elected to the Detroit City Council. Dr. Arthur Jefferson, the first African-American Superintendent of Detroit Public Schools, has also been a mentor.

Though she’s a certified teacher, Fox said she has not spent a lot of time in the classroom, but has worked with assistive technology for children who have IEPs (individualized education plans), which she said is “extremely important”. She has found through her work that when every student has assistive technology, “not only were special education students doing better…but regular kids did better, too.”

Fox also knows special education from a parent’s point of view. Her sons both have special needs, and for the most part, she said, had a very good experience with Farmington Public Schools. Now that they’re gone, she has had time to look in on local school board meetings.

“The thing that really struck me was when we received information at a board meeting about the last five years of state tests, and the African-American achievement gap,” she said. “For all kids in Farmington, the trajectory was going down… As an educator, I thought I could do something.”

Fox believes that the district can turn that trend around when the student is the center of learning, and the teacher becomes a facilitator. She also knows that she will be one voice of seven on the board.

“You have to compromise, there’s always give and take,” she said. “I think if people have the same mindset where they want the students to be first, we can work around all the other things. Students come first, in my mind.”

Learn more about Fox at facebook.com/ElectMableFoxforFarmingtonPublicSchoolBoard/.


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