F2H Votes: Farmington School Board candidate Janet Ravitz Meir

Janet Meir
Janet Meir (contributed)

Teacher Janet Ravitz Meir fought to keep her son in the Farmington Public Schools special education program, and won.

She’s running in November for a school board seat with the goal of helping all students.

“I do have some ideas about how things should run, especially because of the COVID-19 virus,” she said. “I have a real interest in the opportunity to make the schools better and make learning better for every student.”

Meir is among seven candidates, including Cheryl Blau, David Ehrlich, Mable Fox, Steven Goldberg, Richard Mukamal, and Frank Raines III, vying for two, 6-year terms. Claudia Heinrich, Kevin J. Hammer, and Donald Walker are running for one 2-year term.

Raised in Detroit, Meir earned her teaching degree at Wayne State University and taught cognitively impaired students in Detroit Public Schools for 25 years. Her own children are now adults, and she said the support her son received contributed to his success later in life.

“It helped for him to stay in the program,” she said. “When you’re learning disabled, you learn how to cope with it, but it doesn’t disappear.”

Meir said she decided to run for office because she understands from both a teacher’s and a parent’s perspective what’s happening in Farmington Public Schools. She is particularly concerned about the stress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“For the teachers and the students, I think there should be somebody there to help them cope with mental health issues,” she said. “If the teachers are doing alright, that definitely helps the students.”

An advocate of conflict resolution, Meir would like to see training built into the curriculum at some point in the future.

“It helps children learn how to control the things that are going on around them,” she said. “You learn how to cope with other people’s ideas, how to work as a team… and how to be sensitive other people.”

You can learn more about Meir on her website, academiagem.me.

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