Veronica McNally

Farmington Rotary virtual meeting: Vaccinations

Farmington Rotary will host Veronica McNally, co-founder and president of the Franny Strong Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to educating health care professionals and the public about pertussis and other vaccine-preventable diseases.

McNally is the founder of the I Vaccinate Campaign ( and the novel communication model, Get PAST Hesitancy, used in the I Vaccinate Provider Toolkit. Both the Campaign and Toolkit are designed to empower parents to protect their children from vaccine-preventable diseases through vaccination.

In 2018, she was named as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Childhood Immunization Champion for Michigan. In 2018, she was also appointed to serve on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices for a four-year term as the Committee’s consumer representative. In this role, she provides perspectives on the social and community aspects of vaccination. The ACIP develops recommendations on how to use vaccines to control disease in the United States.

Anyone can join the Zoom meeting here: Meeting ID: 489 199 8514, Passcode: fruin



Oct 22 2020


8:00 am




Farmington Rotary

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