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Elena writes reviews of diverse books and interviews authors for her blog, "Elena Reads". (contributed)

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Elena, a 7th-grade student who live in Farmington Hills, has been publishing her blog since she was 9 years old.

“I had always loved to read, and I’d devour the books on my teacher’s bookshelf. But I realized one thing stayed constant in all of the books I read in her classroom: all of the main characters were white,” Elena says.  “Growing up with two parents who also loved to read, my bookshelves were packed with diversity. …  I thought if I shared my thoughts on the diverse books I read, others could come to my blog and read books that showed a variety of people through the pages.”

More about Elena in this Q&A with Farmington Voice editor Joni Hubred

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Review: The Word Collector is a Unique and Vibrant Read

Book cover: Word CollectorWhile some kids are collecting stamps or rocks, young Jerome loves to collect words. Words like hope, wonder, and torrential. When he hears one he likes, he’ll write it down and paste it into one of his many scrapbooks. He soon learns he can string those words together and make poems or songs. But maybe the best way to use words is to share them with the world. Full review 

Review: Jackie Robinson’s Daughter Shares Her Experience Of The Civil Rights Movement

It’s a peek into her life as a 13-year-old in 1963. The year George Wallace, a pro-segregation governor, demanded “Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever”. The year of the March on Washington and the year Black children were attacked by dogs and sprayed with water because they were protesting for their rights. The year of her first kiss. 1963 was a turning point in American history, and reading Sharon Robinson’s unique perspective about the Civil Rights era was enjoyable. Full Review


Joey, The Story of Joe Biden, by Jill Biden

With President’s Day approaching, many are finding ways to celebrate; whether it be informing themselves on our presidents, going to famous presidential landmarks (unfortunately not this year because of COVID), or simply just giving themselves a much needed break because of the national holiday. Being a bookaholic, I am planning to celebrate this patriotic day by reading books about some of America’s many POTUSes. Full review

Review: One Last Word Combines Stories From The Past With Ones That Affect Us Today

Book cover: One Last Word

I had never even heard of the Harlem Renaissance until reading One Last Word by Nikki Grimes. It was an era where Black artists shined. Poets like Paul Laurence Dunbar, singers like Josephine Baker, and artists like William Johnson; all lit their talent in this age.

This book highlights Harlem Renaissance poetry in a form called Golden Shovel. Basically, you take lines or stanzas from a published poem and write an original poem, putting a word from the first poem as a last word in each line in your poem. Full review

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