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Here’s how to choose your perfect retirement destination.

Sarasota FloridaBegin to picture yourself in a place where, when you close your eyes, you can feel the temperature on your skin, breathe in and smell and feel at peace, see yourself in places and activities that you love to do. Where is that? Maybe you know or don’t… either way, you’re right. I will help you with optional locations at the end of this article.

I am sure the thought has popped up…how can I do this financially? Deciding where to live when you retire can be a major financial decision. Picking the right spot that you love is important, as is how to pay for it.

There are many different ways that people spend time when they don’t have to go to the office or work every day. You may see your hours full of being on the water and/or golfing. You may want to consider that weather, nearby museums and tennis courts, reliable and accessible healthcare, and affordable housing are all important as well.

Florida has always been at the top of the retirement destinations list. The season we here in Michigan love because we have the white stuff on the ground is a season of mild weather in Florida, but summers can be very hot. Remember when you begin this process of investigation to take a vacation to the cities where you dream of retiring and look for all of the things that you love to do.

I am always here to help you with this journey and connect you with a real estate expert in your dream city.

Click below to learn about the Top 10 Places to Retire and begin to dream of the life you would love to create.

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