Developer proposes condos on long-time apartment site

A Farmington Hills developer hopes to build eight or 12, three bedroom condos on land in Farmington that’s now home to three apartments buildings.

Certainty Home Buyers is looking for approval of a Planned Unit Development (PUD) agreement, in part because the property at 22100 Hawthorne Street is zoned for single-family residential homes – even though its use has been multi-family housing since the 1920s.

22100 Hawthorne Street

“(The existing units) were used to house the seasonal workers at the Go-Kart facility across the street, that’s what I was told,” company representative Vincent Colbert told Farmington Planning Commission members Monday.

Colbert said the company plans to raze the existing structures in order to build the brick four-plex units, each with a single car garage and two floors of living space. There is “quite a demand in Farmington” for three bedroom units with open floor plans, he added.

The company expects to sell the units in the $220,000-$260,000 range.

Planning Commission chair Ken Crutcher said he found it difficult to understand how the project would work, given the rough drawings submitted with the PUD application.

“It’s really not a complicated site plan,” said Colbert, who noted that the company has done hundreds of similar projects. “We will have detailed plans available for the public hearing.”

Economic and Community Development Director Kevin Christiansen said the PUD process consists of five steps, starting with an optional pre-application meeting, followed by a conceptual plan presentation (discussed Monday), public hearing and preliminary conceptual plan, city council review, and then a final planning commission review.

“The concept plan (discussed Monday) is submitted without detail,” he said.

Commissioners set a November 11 public hearing date. Colbert said the firm expects to start construction in spring of 2020.

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