After two years, Danielle Stislicki is still missing. Here’s what we know.

Two years have passed since Farmington Hills resident Danielle Stislicki, then 28, disappeared after heading home from her job at MetLife in Southfield.

Danielle Stislicki

While her whereabouts are still unknown, Farmington Hills Police believe she won’t be found alive. And they have a pretty good idea who’s responsible for her disappearance.

Jon Aldred for Farmington Hills City Council

The department has identified Floyd Galloway, a former security guard in the building where Stislicki worked, as a “person of interest”. In November 2017, he confessed to choking and attempting to rape a jogger in Hines Park, three months before Stislicki’s disappearance.

According to news reports, 78 search warrants have been executed in connection with the Stislicki case, targeting Galloway’s home and places he may have visited. A massive search of Hines Park more than a year ago came up empty.

Stislicki’s family still holds out hope that she’ll be found. They maintain a website,, where visitors can download fliers and learn how to help with the search, and a Facebook page, which is frequently updated. Danielle’s story has been featured in media reports locally and across the country.

A $129,000 reward for information remains available, with contributions from a GoFundMe campaign, her employer, MetLife, and the owners of her apartment complex, Independence Green. If you have any information about Danielle Stislicki’s disappearance, contact Farmington Hills police, 248-871-2610.





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