‘Curbside Communicator’ will help Farmington Library patrons with pick-ups

A new technology will help speed the Farmington Community Library curbside pick-up process, which is expected to begin on July 6.

The library has partnered with “Curbside Communicator,” which connects patrons directly with staff through text messages or a weblink that can be used on a phone, tablet, or computer. When an item is ready, the patron will receive a notice and can pick it up at any time.

Curbside Communicator

The notice will include information about how the pick-up process works. Once a patron has “checked in” outside the library, they’ll provide name and library card number, along with the make, model, and color of their vehicle, so staff will know what to look for, Coordinator of Automation Kathy McKinney explained.

There will also be a phone service option for patrons who don’t use text messages.

“Patrons can also ask questions via text,” McKinney said. “It allows a free dialogue between staff and patrons, to get their questions answered.”

McKinney estimated the time to fulfill a request at around three minutes, with most of the time devoted to finding and delivering the materials. She also sees applications in a post-COVID world.

“If we’re offering this service, I don’t believe curbside service is going to go away after patrons get used to this,” she said.

Coordinator of Technology Mary Carleton said the library will also provide touchless credit card payments, and the ability to make payments at self check-out stations. In addition, patrons will be able to pay by credit card for print jobs and faxing.

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