Crews conduct ‘Smoke Alarm Blitz’ in Farmington Hills

Farmington Hills firefighters have planned a “Smoke Alarm Blitz” on Thursday, May 9, as part of their campaign to prevent fire damage and loss of life with early notification from working smoke alarms.

Farmington HIlls Fire Smoke Alarm Blitz
Inspector Don Alati and Lt. Larry Gauthier prepare for the Farmington Hills Fire Department’s “Smoke Alarm Blitz”. (City of Farmington Hills)

In 2018, the state of Michigan saw an increase in fire-related deaths, and four of those deaths occurred in Farmington Hills. Firefighters have partnered with the State Fire Marshal and MI Prevention, securing grant funding for the May 9 program.

Jon Aldred for Farmington Hills City Council

This year, firefighters have already installed 86 alarms, but felt they could have greater impact by installing hundreds of smoke alarms over an eight-hour period. The department wants to assist any resident who needs a working smoke alarm.

To learn more or to get help with installing smoke alarms, call 248-871-2800.

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