Coyote spotted in Farmington neighborhood

A resident in the Farmington Meadows subdivision contacted Farmington Public Safety Wednesday to report a coyote sighting.

The neighborhood is east of Farmington Road between Eight and Nine Mile Roads.

According to the Public Safety Department’s Facebook page, coyotes have lived in the area for several years and “generally they avoid human contact.”

“Coyotes will go after small dogs and cats, so if you let your small animal in the backyard you may want to go outside with your animal when you let them outside.”

It is against the law to hunt coyotes or any other animals within city limits.

The Lansing State Journal last week reported several recent coyote sightings in East Lansing. A Michigan Department of Natural Resources official told the newspaper that sightings are likely to increase during the animal’s mating season, from mid-January through March.


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