Court order clarifies demo in abandoned Hills project

The City of Farmington Hills will demolish one of three buildings in an abandoned development on Orchard Lake Road south of I-696.

S & L Associates received final approvals for the project at Springland and Orchard Lake in 2016. City manager Gary Mekjian said the developer is in bankruptcy and unable to finish construction.

Jon Aldred for Farmington Hills City Council

Farmington Voice first received information that all but one building would come down. Director of Planning and Community Development Ed Gardiner shared details from a court order that clarify the project scope.

The cluster was to include eight condos with two units in each of four buildings. Work stopped with three buildings under construction and one slab poured. The 47th District Court allowed this work using funds from a bond posted by the developer:

  • 26770 Orchard Lake Rd. (unit 1) and 26760 Orchard Lake Rd. (unit 2)–Tyvek house wrap, vinyl siding, fascia covering, and soffit to match existing color and material. Make building weather tight, including the underside of the overhang at the north side of the building.
  • 26740 Orchard Lake Rd (unit 3) and 26730 Orchard Lake Rd (unit 4)–No work needed
  • 26710 Orchard Lake Rd (unit 5) and 26700 Orchard Lake Rd (unit 6)–Complete demolition of the building, and removal of slab and footings.
  • 26650 Orchard Lake Rd (unit 7) and 26640 Orchard Lake Rd (unit 8)–No work needed, slab only

The contract also includes site clean-up (removal of construction materials and debris), surface leveling and grading, and grass seeding.

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