Council considers more outdoor business for downtown Farmington

Farmington city council members will on Monday consider relaxing regulations to allow downtown restaurants and retail business increased outdoor sales during the COVID-19 crisis.

In a memo, Downtown Development Authority Director Kate Knight and Economic and Community Development Director Kevin Christiansen point out that increasing outdoor seating or moving racks of merchandise outside can help with social distancing – and may be more appealing for customers. But doing that is more easily said than done.

“The problem, of course, is that a lot of the outdoor activity that business owners will likely be interested in undertaking will not be allowed under existing ordinances and regulations,” they wrote in a memo.

Downtown Farmington expanded outdoor seating
This shows the potential on the north side of Grand River for expanded outdoor business in downtown Farmington.

Changing ordinances typically takes months and includes public hearings. The proposal officials will consider temporarily relaxes the rules in light of the pandemic.

Other agenda items include:

  • an update on DDA Events
  • discussion about permitting special events and public gatherings
  • acceptance and filing of Financial Reports for the City of Farmington Brownfield Redevelopment Authority for the TCF Project
  • certifying delinquent false alarm fees, water and sewer bills, and city invoices
  • an installment agreement to finance purchase of the Maxfield Training Center
  • an expansion of the Hartwell Cement Company contract for cement replacement on Saxony

Council members will meet via the Zoom teleconferencing platform. Learn how you can view and participate in the meeting on the city’s website:,-2020.aspx

Find the full agenda here:

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