Company to pay for hydraulic fluid spill in Farmington Hills

A trucking company based in north Oakland County will cover the cost of cleaning up a hydraulic fluid spill that found its way into the Rouge River in Farmington Hills.

According to information shared by the city, Farmington Hills firefighters responded on April 29 after residents Brittany Drive reported a light sheen on the Rouge River’s surface.

After working their way upstream, they found hydraulic fluid in the road on Northpointe near a construction site. Rain water had washed it down a storm drain and into the river.

Rouge River spill mitigation
Farmington Hills firefighters placed booms to absorb hydraulic fluid that flowed into the Rouge River. (City of Farmington Hills)

To stop the flow, they placed absorbent booms (sock-like barriers that soak up oils) at the river inlet. Farmington Hills Division of Public Works staffers also applied oil absorbent material to the road.

“This is an excellent example of observant residents alerting us to a hazard that we, in turn, can mitigate before any environmental damage occurs,” said Fire Chief Jon Unruh. “The trucking company responsible for the leak has been located and will be invoiced for the cleanup.”

Unruh said in an email that the company hired a professional firm to finish the cleanup over the weekend.

The department also notified the Pollution Emergency Alerting System and the Environmental Protection Agency.

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