Company sees post-COVID changes in home health care

A company that provides Farmington area home health care has seen some big changes since COVID-19 hit metro Detroit in 2020.

Cleamon Moorer
Cleamon Moorer (contributed)

CEO Cleamon Moorer took over Dearborn-based American Advantage Home Care in 2019. He said COVID-19 has driven tremendous company growth.

“We’ve had an increase in referrals from nursing homes, as home care becomes preferred over facilities,” Moorer said. “Doctors also wanted to keep their patients out of emergency rooms due to the risk of COVID exposure. And who wants their 85-year-old parent or relative going to the ER unnecessarily?”

American Advantage Home Care increased safety measures over the past year, with staff and patient screenings and use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Moorer believes the added PPE is “here to stay. You definitely want to keep your clinicians as safe as possible.”

Home health care typically starts with a physician referral. Moorer said the company works with Beaumont Health in Farmington Hills and other providers. Nurses and therapists help patients recovering from hospital stays and short-term or long-term illnesses.

“People are more comfortable at home,” Moorer said. “You know your way around, you know where the trip hazards are and the stuff in the cupboards.”


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