Community response allows Farmington Farmers Market expansion

The Farmington Farmers Market has increased its complement of vendors again this week, thanks in large part to the community’s compliance with new safety protocols.

Market Master Walt Gajewski said market attendance more than doubled last week, after a quiet Opening Day with 14 vendors focused on providing produce and pre-packaged foods.

Kapnick Orchards
Kapnick Orchards shows social distancing by placing a table in front of their merchandise. (Farmington Farmers Market)

“After a cautious beginning, coupled with great community support, we have been able to pull ourselves up another rung up the ladder,” Gajewski said. “Last week, we opened up for plant and flower sales. We also lifted the restriction of one family member at a time. This week, we will welcome 25 vendors.”

New to the market this week:

  • The French Lady – signature sweet and savory French foods
  • The Spice Grrrl – flavored salts, spice blends, and teas
  • The Italian Cooks – fresh, homemade Italian sauces
  • Uncle Calvins Sweet Potato Pies – large and small sweet potato pies
  • Tenera Grains – Teffola 12 whole grain granola

Protocols will continue, including limited entrance and exit points, masks strongly suggested, social distancing, no touching of produce, and sales limited to whole produce and pre-packaged foods. (Read the full list here:

Gajewski said people have made all the difference in the market’s post-coronavirus world. Last week, nearly 1,400 visited the market, and no one had to wait in line to enter.

“The greater community here is making a huge impact, first and foremost, through courtesy and respect for others,” he said. “We have signs out for social distancing, encouraging masks, and staking out hand-wash stations, but it’s the community that serves as the welcoming aspect of coming to market. People here make their purchases knowing others are eager to do the same, so the flow has been ideal.”

“It’s pretty amazing,” Gajewski added. “In the grand scheme, I feel the market is helping to reopen the downtown. We all need to do our part to make sure that our town maintains, sustains and thrives.”

You can still shop either at the market, or pre-order from most vendors linked on the market website. Learn more at

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