City of Farmington warns about door-to-door ballot collectors

The City of Farmington issued an alert Wednesday about a group of activists who are offering to collect local absent voter ballots.

Residents on social media reported that men have come to their door asking for their ballots. In at least one case, the man knew the resident’s name.

Under Michigan law, if a voter cannot return his or her ballot, only a member of the voter’s immediate family, or a person who lives in the voter’s home, may do so.

Voters may return their ballots to the Clerk’s office at City Hall, 23600 Liberty Street, or use the dropbox at the circle drive on the west side of the building. Absent voter ballots may also be returned by mail.

City officials say any resident approached about returning their ballot should call Farmington Public Safety, 248-474-4700, and press “1” to report the crime. If possible, provide a description of the person and last known direction of travel.

If you have questions about your absent voter ballot, call the City Clerk, 248-474-5500 ext. 2218.



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