2020 Census mailer coming, local jobs available

With a lot at stake in the 2020 Census, the federal government is looking for census takers, and local officials have planned an event to help you fill out the questionnaire.

Your household should receive a mailer with instructions for responding to a short Census questionnaire online. The cities of Farmington and Farmington Hills are offering a completion assistance event on Tuesday, March 31, 11 a.m.-2 p.m., with free pizza. Call 248-473-1830 to sign up.

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The U.S. Census Bureau will hire 500,000 temporary, part-time census takers for the 2020 Census, and Michigan is among the states with the greatest need for applicants. According to the census.gov website, average pay for office and census taker positions in Oakland County is $22-$24.50.

Census takers enjoy flexible hours, weekly pay, paid training, and may also receive reimbursement for work-related mileage and expenses.

Applicants must be 18 years or older. Recent high school graduates, college students, veterans, retirees, military spouses, seasonal workers and people who are bilingual are encouraged to apply. These jobs are also suitable for people who are employed and are looking for a source of extra income.

Work-authorized bilingual noncitizens are also eligible for these positions in locations where the Census Bureau is not able to find enough citizens with the necessary language skills.

To apply or learn more, visit 2020census.gov/en/jobs.html


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