Cardboard regatta challenges Farmington IB students

Farmington High School International Baccalaureate (IB) students earlier this month used what they’ve learned in the classroom to turn pieces of cardboard and duct tape into a “Cardboard Regatta”.

Farmington High IB Cardboard Regatta
Team Captain, Sophia Holdwick, attempts to stabilize her boat and win the race. (Farmington Public Schools)

The event began last year at Harrison High School, with teachers Katie Gabrielli (IB sports, exercise, and health science) and Christine Trent (IB design technology). The students and teachers moved the tradition to Farmington High School, which now houses the IB program.

“We all look forward to continuing the fun tradition in the years to come,” Trent said.

Farmington High IB Cardboard Regatta
Winners Susie Silvagi, Michaela Griffin, and Zoe Dawson won Best Theme, for “Soar on Hawks.” (Farmington Public Schools)

Using basic engineering principles, along with the concepts of form drag, students crafted vessels that they piloted across the school’s swimming pool. Each team was given basic supplies, but students could provide additional items.

Staff members determined awards given for first place, best theme, and best “Titanic”.

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