Candidates file for Farmington, Hills November 2 elections

Fifteen residents will run on November 2 for seats in Farmington and Farmington Hills city government.

These candidates were on Oakland County’s unofficial list as of the July 20 filing deadline:

Farmington city council candidates

highest vote totals, 4-year term; third highest, 2-year term

  • Johnna Balk
  • David Delind
  • Jacob Nelson
  • Geof Perrot
  • Steven Schneemann
  • Maria Taylor
  • Cathi Waun

Farmington Hills city council candidates

three 4-year terms

  • Jon Aldred
  • Michael Bridges
  • Randy Bruce
  • Valerie Knol
  • Jacob Kovacs
  • Matt Strickfaden

Farmington Hills mayoral candidates

one 2-year term

  • Vicki Barnett
  • Gina Phillips

Farmington Hills voters will also decide whether to renew a public safety millage. Officials must review and approve ballot language before an early August deadline.

Incumbents on Farmington Hills city council are Bridges, Knol, and Strickfaden, who was appointed in January. Barnett is running for a second term as mayor.

Farmington incumbents are Taylor, Schneemann, and DeLind, a February 2020 appointee. City council members choose a mayor and mayor pro tem following elections. 

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