Boil water advisory extended for some in Farmington Hills

A boil water advisory in effect for nearly a week has been extended until Monday for some Farmington Hills residents.

While officials expect to complete required water testing before the weekend is over, a portion of northwest Farmington Hills lost water pressure Friday night after a pressure regulating valve at Halsted and 14 Mile Roads malfunctioned, city officials announced Saturday.

Jon Aldred for Farmington Hills City Council

Boil Water Advisory extended

The loss of pressure prompted a new round of water quality tests for that specific area, pushing the boil water advisory into Monday.

The Great Lakes Water Authority issued the boil water advisory on October 23 after a break in a 47-inch water main along 14 Mile Road, between Farmington and Drake Roads.

The Costick Center, 28600 W. 11 Mile Rd., will continue to distribute bottled water to those affected, with proof of residency, until the advisory is lifted. Residents can also fill their own water bottles at the city-owned facility.

Download the map and a list of affected streets. 

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