UPDATE: Body found in Detroit is former Hills police chief’s son

UPDATE: According to multiple news reports, a body found Wednesday in Detroit is the son of Oakland County Commissioner Bill Dwyer, who represents Farmington and portions of Farmington Hills.

WJBK-TV reported late Thursday night that Michael Dwyer was identified through fingerprints. Authorities found his body Wednesday in a house on Brammell Street that burned three weeks ago.

In a statement on social media, Warren Mayor Jim Fouts said Bill Dwyer, who serves as the city’s police commissioner, “is strongly requesting that the family be allowed time to grieve in private.” He said Dwyer may speak publicly early next week.

“(Dwyer) indicated to me that this is an open homicide investigation. He would especially appreciate the consideration and restraint of the media. This situation unfortunately happens too many times in the metro area and in the U.S. to families of all backgrounds,” Fouts wrote.

Dwyer announced last year that he would not seek re-election to the county board. He served for more than 20 years as Farmington Hills Police Chief.

He and his wife, Doris, are long-time Farmington Hills residents.

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