Beloved Community hosts human rights activist in Farmington Hills

Deirdre Roney
Deirdre Roney (Contributed photo)

The Beloved Community Initiative Farmington/ Farmington Hills will host “The Front Line: How Immigration and Border Policies Impact All of Us,” a March 26 presentation featuring Deirdre Roney, lawyer, human rights activist and former Los Angeles district attorney.

Roney will speak about conditions she observed during her 10 visits to Texas, Arizona, California, and New Mexico borders. She will discuss how the false narrative that all refugees and immigrants are criminals has led to drastic policies that also impact American citizens who depend on cross-border commerce for their livelihood.

Monica Andrade, ACLU, said Michigan is experiencing its own issues with Border Patrol. “Federal law gives Customs and Border Patrol ‘extraordinary powers’ to do warrantless searches at the border and to extend those powers 100 miles out from the border. They maintain that all the Great Lakes are a border, making the entire state of Michigan a border zone. That gives CBP authority to stop anyone they wish anywhere in Michigan.”

ACLU representatives will also speak during the meeting about Michigan’s new voting laws.

The event will begin at 6:30 p.m. The church is located at 29887 W. 11 Mile Rd., in the Chapel of Nardin Park Methodist Church. The Beloved Community Initiative works to make Farmington and Farmington Hills ever more welcoming and inclusive.

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