Beaumont Farmington Hills Emergency Center offers complimentary valet

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Complimentary valet parking now is available, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday, for people seeking care at Beaumont Hospital, Farmington Hills’ Emergency Center.

Beaumont Emergency Center valet
Parking valet Antwon Madison Jr. has a goal of becoming a clinical pharmacist in a hospital. Unit then, he is quick to help patients and families coming or going from Beaumont, Farmington Hills. (Beaumont)

“We wanted to make it as easy and stress-free as possible for those needing medical attention at our emergency center,” said Beaumont, Farmington Hills President Connie O’Malley, RN. “We frequently evaluate our process to make meaningful improvements for our patients and families.”

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Driven to make a difference, Susan Johnson, 63, of Detroit, and Antwon Madison Jr., 23, of Southfield, staff the emergency center valet service.

Beaumont Farmington Hills Emergency Center valet
Parking valet Susan Johnson knows everyone driving up to the emergency center at Beaumont, Farmington Hills needs help — and she is ready to deliver it. (Beaumont)

Each possesses the ability to sense when someone needs help and to provide it quickly. They learned this skill in a unique ways.

Madison’s mother had a serious illness when he was just a teenager. He taught himself to keep an eye on his mom because she would not ask for help even when she needed it.  The former high-school varsity baseball player walks and jogs about five miles during every shift. “I’m fine with running to get people’s cars if they’re in a rush,” he said.

Johnson describes herself as a people person. She has nine grown children, including seven stepchildren, and 18 grandchildren. “I learned how to be nice from my mom,” Johnson said. “There can be excitement at the Emergency Center entrance. I do my best to de-escalate intense feelings by being helpful to everyone,” said Johnson.

In 2012, hospital leaders began planning for the multiyear $150 million expansion and renovation of the campus.  A new, four-story parking structure has already been completed and additional parking will also be added. The next big milestone comes in Jan. 2019, when an all-new larger emergency and trauma center opens.

“We are a hospital that provides high-quality health care,” O’Malley said. “We’re updating and expanding the spaces where we meet, greet and care for patients. We want the experience to be exceptional.”

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