Back to school tips: Quiet space, strong routines

As Farmington Public Schools students start their second week of classes, we’re sharing some tips and tricks for online learning from Farmington Voice Facebook followers:

Nida Cerniauskas Del Pup If possible, kids should have their own quiet, dedicated work space away from distractions.

Susan Magner Yes, everyone has a workspace in a different room in our home.

Casey O’Brien Keep yourself on mute until you are called upon.

Erin Bonser Sattler Do what works best for your learners.

Julie Stevens I set up my work from home work space next to my first grader so I can help him log in and start assignments and then work while he’s in a meet. The older kids have good head phones and work spaces set up in different rooms. At the end of the day, we just have to do the best we can, so if we can’t connect or are having troubles, we take a break then try again.

Melissa Williams Setting 500 timers/alarms for the different meetings. 

Tanya Roycraft Nordhaus Like Julie, I have my work station near my daughter’s work station. She still likes me, so it works for us. And like Melissa, I set alarms upon alarms for her meetings. It’s working so far. But it is only day one for class time for STEAM students. 

Maureen Lukas I printed out my kids logins, passwords, sites, etc., put them into a binder with sheet protectors so they can always know where to go.

Sara Buffa In the spring they were at the same table across from each other. This time, I separated them. So far so good. I also eliminated anything “extra” there is a tote of supplies they can grab out of if needed, but anything that was sitting near them was played with, doodled on or thrown at the other. Lots of alarms set on my phone. Yesterday was terrible just trying to figure out where we needed to be (especially with a new school and new staff faces/names), today was way smoother. Also, having designated breaks for the younger ones today seemed to work well. I am just curious if it’s just because it’s the first day that i was able to easily wrangle my 2nd grader or if the breaks will cause issues.

Abigail Masters Bookmark Google meets for your kids! Two different ways I found were:


Typing it in the bookmark manager is the best way… sometimes the meeting name might be the same but the address might change… so if you just bookmark it when the meeting is going on it might not work! *Teacher/meeting organizer has to set up the same meeting/code/room name, and use it each time for the bookmark to work!

Dawn Egner Lau My daughter had her own desk in her room, with her laptop and headphones.

Elaine Robeck Create strong routines for chores, schedules, and meals.


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