Applications open for Farmington Schools board seat

Farmington Public Schools officials are, once again, accepting applications for a board position that first opened with the October resignation of Jim Stark.

On Tuesday, Oakland Schools appointee Pam Green took the seat, which she’ll hold until December 31. She’ll then resign to begin the six-year term she won in November.

Green, the election’s top vote-getter, was appointed by the Intermediate District after Farmington officials were unable to reach consensus last month after interviewing 10 candidates.

The appointee will serve until the next school board election in 2020, then have the option to run for the balance of the term, which ends in 2022.

Applications will be accepted through December 18, with interviews scheduled in early January. Board president Terri Weems said Tuesday that those applied for the original vacancy and are still interested need only let board secretary Kim Buckely know they wish to considered.

The application and more information about the process will be posted at

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