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We are all about promoting local business, and the Farmington Voice Shopping Guide gives you the chance to tell Farmington area residents why they should shop with you. In addition to a yearlong page in the digital guide, businesses receive the following benefits:

  • Inclusion in a monthly email to theVoice’s 1,000+ email newsletter database.
  • Social media posts via Facebook and Instagram
  • Reduced rates on Sponsored stories (website and dedicated email) and social media posts.

Fill out the Google survey linked below, and we’ll contact you for more details. The cost is nothing for filling out the survey, and first month’s cost for being part of the guide is just $25, to cover our basic costs. If you elect to continue your campaign for the remainder of the year at the full-year cost, we estimate your campaign will reach 100,000 people over 12 months. Pretty amazing, right?

It doesn’t require anything for you to fill out the survey. We’ll contact you from there to follow up on your Shop Local page and next steps.

The Shop Local business information survey