What is Farmington Voice?

What we do

Every day, Farmington Voice publishes 2-4 posts with news and information about Farmington and Farmington Hills, Michigan – local government, schools, business, arts, downtown Farmington, events, and people just like you. We share original stories, links to local news from other sources, and social media links in our daily (except Sunday) newsletter, on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Memorial Day Parade
Memorial Day Parade 2017

Why we do it

Facts matter. We believe that good information will help you make better decisions. And people who make better decisions co-create a stronger community.

Farmington Area Goodfellows
Farmington Area Goodfellows Delivery Day 2016

How we do it

Farmington Voice relies on monthly reader support through Patreon and Paypal, one-time contributions via Paypal or check, swag sales at cafepress.com/farmingtonvoice and farmingtonvoice.threadless.com, display advertising and sponsored content. The website is published by Collinwood Media, LLC, which is owned by long-time Farmington resident Joni Hubred.

Home Office
Home office